Why Choose ISSI?

With over 250 Benefit Fund Offices and TPA clients in the U.S. and Canada, ISSI is by far the leading provider of Benefit Administration computer systems and services to the Taft-Hartley industry. Headquartered in Maple Shade, NJ, ISSI uses advanced technology for every facet of Benefit Fund Administration, including Contributions, Eligibility, Claims, Pension, Annuity, and more. ISSI's state-of-the-art solutions and impeccable customer service provide the solid foundation Administrators need to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.


You need a technology provider with a proven track record for success and dependability. ISSI software improves your day-to-day operations and provides stability for the Funds, its members and their families. More Benefit Administrators and TPAs trust ISSI to meet the challenges of today and anticipate the demands of tomorrow than any other software provider.


ISSI offers the most flexible, dynamic system in the industry, allowing our clients to adapt quickly to changing technology, new legislation and evolving standards without costly upgrades or service disruptions. Extraordinary flexibility enables users to address changing industry requirements efficiently and effectively. When dealing with Pension Regulations, HIPAA/EDI, COBRA/ARRA, Medicare Reporting, HITECH, or complex plan changes, the ISSI system adapts to your needs.

Field-Proven Products

Over 250 Fund Administrators and TPAs depend on ISSI's easy-to-use computer systems to securely manage their operations with virtually no down time. ISSI clients represent almost every trade in the Multi-Employer / Taft-Hartley Industry, all across North America. We are extremely proud of and thankful for the loyalty of our clients, who, on average, have been with ISSI for 12 years.


ISSI's exceptional customer service is based on the knowledge and dedication of our employees, who average over eight years tenure with the company. Our team members have become specialists in Funds Administration and technology through years of continual training and experience working exclusively within the Taft-Hartley industry.


It takes time and resources to commit to a new software platform. You need the assurance that your vendor will be with you in the long term. For over 30 years, ISSI's policy for sustained growth has enabled us to become the industry leader without compromising our focus on Benefit Fund Administration or our exceptional customer support.

Cost-Effective Solutions

ISSI is dedicated to providing our clients unparalleled service at an exceptional value. With no forced upgrades and cost-effective support, it's clear why we boast the largest install base and the highest client retention rate in the industry.

A Trusted Partner

99.9% of Administrators who choose ISSI stay with ISSI for our low cost of ownership, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to personal service.